Many marine species are in danger of being wiped out because many tuna brands source fish caught with ‘Fish Aggregating Devices’ (FADs) and purse-seine nets that when used together will haul up everything including turtles, baby sharks and stingrays.In fact, a quarter of the planet’s biodiversity is in danger of extinction in the next 30 years*. So now, more than ever, it’s crucial to choose brands that are taking a positive stand for marine life.

GOLDEN PRIZE strongly believes in responsible fishing. We have made a pledge to do everything possible to protect the health of our oceans. So now you can enjoy great tasting tuna and protect the fragile marine life. GOLDEN PRIZE Tuna is caught without the use of fish aggregating devices, FAD FREE to minimise by-catch effect on our oceans.

  • Our catch is delivered direct to our canning and processing plants.
  • We do not operate “mother ships” that operate as floating freezers.
  • Our wild tuna catch is Certified “Dolphin Safe”.

True to the GOLDEN PRIZE mission, every product we offer meets these sustainability standards:

  • The BIOMASS of fish is healthy and not overfished.
  • The HABITAT is not damaged by the fishing method.
  • The CATCH METHOD is free from excessive by-catch of juvenile fish and other non-targeted species.

GOLDEN PRIZE is 100% committed to the sustainability and transparency of its products’ supply chain. We welcome any further questions at

*United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)